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A Message from Principal JJ Hinderberger
The first full month of school has gone by quickly. It has been a pleasure getting to know and work with the students, families, and staff of Mendenhall River Community School. Students are becoming settled into their routines and are coming to school ready for learning. Families, please know that this cannot happen without your help. School is a team effort between the teacher, student, and family. The more successful a student becomes is a direct result of each team member doing their best. Thank you for making that happen.

The end of the first trimester is on November 6th. Teachers will be contacting you with notices regarding parent teacher conferences which will be taking place on November 7th and 8th. During conferences, you will receive your child's report card for the first trimester and discuss the progress they are making.

The weather is changing and students need wind and rain protection for recess time. Please send boots, a rain coat, hat, gloves, and rain pants/snow pants so kids can play and enjoy the fresh air outside. We want children to be comfortable outside during recess. I encourage students to keep a dry set of clothing including socks in their cubbies in case they get wet. Recess is extremely important for developing social skills, relieving stress and re-energizing the brain for further learning.

Always try and find some time to spend with your child. Ask what they learned in school, sit and read with them as often as possible, and fill them with positive encouragement every chance you get. Together we can create a growth mindset within each child so they may see the world as a place full of opportunity.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.

JJ Hinderberger, Principal
Welcome To Our Community
Joanna Hinderberger, Principal

Phone: 907.796.5600
Fax: 907.463.1777

Mailing address:
10014 Crazy Horse Drive
Juneau, AK 99801
MRCS Routine and Schedule Information
• Recess: All K-5 students have recess three times a day during the school day for 15 minutes each.

• Specials: “Specials” refers to a time every day that students go to library, counseling, music, and physical education class. Each class has one special for 45 minutes Monday-Thursday.

• Morning Routine: Prior to school starting, students either go into the gym for breakfast (starting at 7:30) or to the playground to play outside (at 7:40). Once the bell rings at 7:55, students line up with their classes and teachers will walk them to class. Having students walked to class by an adult ensures safety in the hallways. If you arrive with your child, you are welcome to sit with them at breakfast or play with them on the playground. When it comes time to line up, feel free to join the class line and walk to the classroom. If students arrive after 8am they should stop by the office for a tardy slip before going to class.

• After School Routine: At the end of the day students are walked to the buses, RALLY, or the parent pick up zone.

• Unity Assemblies: Unity Assemblies are school-wide assemblies that take place in the gym every Friday at 8am. During Unity Assemblies we sing, celebrate, and build community. Parents are invited to attend!
  • Need to get a message to your student?
    Please call with any after school instructions or messages for students before 1:30 pm to ensure we can deliver them before the end of the school day. Thank you!
  • Keep your information updated!
    If any of your phone numbers or emergency contact numbers change, please let the school office know as soon as possible.
  • If you receive a call from the school…
    If you receive a call from anywhere in the building, the phone number that appears on your phone will be the main line. Please take a moment to check for messages before calling back. Unfortunately we do not have a way to know who called you and would like to connect you to the correct person!

School year Hours of Operation:

Site Phone Number:
(907) 796-5671

Melissa White, Site Manager
Mary Ryals, Asst. Site Manager
vacant, Recreation Assistant